2005-2006 OHL SCHEDULE
Breakdown & Analysis by Jrahockey
Consider this your pocketbook to understanding your pocketbook OHL schedule.  The schedule's formula depending on your perspective is either more complicated or less complicated than you might think and unlike the NFL and NHL schedules this one pretty much stays the same.  Very little has changed since Brampton and Mississauga (the OHL's last expansion) were added to the league in 1998-'99, that was also the year that the schedule was increased from 66 games to 68.

A pair of visual aids to help you in comprehension of the OHL schedule process:

First, a breakdown of the schedule by days of the week Click Here
Second, a breakdown of the nights that each team plays, also the total schedule of games vs. each opponent Click Here

2005-2006 Schedule highlights:

  • Barrie is the only team out of 20 teams to play their entire home schedule on only two days of the week.
  • Kitchener is the only team with games scheduled on 6 different days of the week on home ice, they do not have a Thursday night game, and only have 4 instances where they play 3 games in 3 days.
  • Saginaw and Sault Ste. Marie are the OHL's only teams that do not have at least half of their schedule on a single day of the week.
  • 9 out of the 20 teams in the league have home schedules dominated by Friday night games.
  • There are only 6 Monday games in the 680 game schedule, all are Thanksgiving Day matchups.
  • All three US based teams have schedules where Saturday is the most popular night.
  • Friday nights are the busiest night of the week in the OHL with 215 games, Friday night's are prefered because they are non-weekday nights, and in Canada unlike Saturday nights, do not run the teams up against Hockey Night in Canada and the Maple Leafs, in Michigan it's the exact opposite with the Red Wings playing lots of Friday night games.
  • There are only three nights in the schedule that all 20 OHL teams are in action: October 14th, November 4th and March 10th, all are Friday nights.
  • The Peterborough Petes are the only team in the Eastern Division to play all in conference teams at least 4 times each.
  • All teams in the Western Division with the exception of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds play all in conference rivals at least 4 teams each.
  • The London Knights are the only team in the OHL that do not play any of their opponents 8 times during the regular season.
  • Sudbury-Sault Ste. Marie and Barrie-Owen Sound are the only teams that play each other 6 times despite being in different conferences.