Goodbye Michael McNiven??

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Re: Goodbye Michael McNiven??

Postby CHL Watcher on Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:28 pm

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Re: Goodbye Michael McNiven??

Postby stevey on Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:02 am

I disagree puro man.In the ECHL he is facing shots from men,many who are former or future nhl'ers.The other important part of his developement is he will be living on his own learning all that that entails.Also in junior you are told when to work out etc now he does it on his own or gets left behind and sitting on the bench. Having said all that if he isn't starting in Brampton then it would probably be better to be back here,but I understand they want him starting.
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Re: Goodbye Michael McNiven??

Postby CHL Watcher on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:39 pm

I completely disagree.

Without ripping holes in all the guys who never made it or aren't up to speed anymore.

Not a chance.

Think of the players in this league that never see the AHL, let alone the ECHL. Those "men" haven't got the shot, the moves, or the smarts of any of them.

I've seen the back-to-back experience more than once. Not close. That's my opinion.

The only locations that will support ECHL are those that cannot support Major Junior or don't know the difference and those locations that are on location with the big team and/or heavily subsidized.

Chasing the dream in the ECHL is no closer than doing it here....and won't get near the press or scouts or fanbase or multimedia or international attention a Memorial Cup run will get.

Just see how much you hear about McNiven this spring (without trying). You won't...unless it's in a coulda, shoulda, woulda context.

Montreal is doing something unthinkable....and it's got nothing to do with being an Attack fan. A run a the Memorial Cup or the ECHL in Brampton? Who are you going to hear about? Why do you think that is?

As for being away from home......he's in Brampton and making 'average guy' money...burning a year of his contract.....he better be at home!

Nevertheless, I think it's an opportunity for Owen Sound to work on a few things....and leaves the OA position open to trade if required or desired. An OA goaltender can be a leader for a team if he's really steady. If not, he's probably not worth the spot. If there's a fine line you keep looking. Ask the Otters about that.

Bowman has to get above .900 or the Attack need someone who can do that. They won't win anything if they don't get that kind of goaltending. The team has to help suppress those second and third shots. McNiven was great at gobbling them up. He was also great at breakout passes. Adjustments will be tough but have to happen. Those days are gone.
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