Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

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Re: Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

Postby CHL Watcher on Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:35 pm

Coaching hat? That's old school.

I would have gone with history and what we already know about the players. No first or second line types on the fourth line and no promising youngsters playing way over their abilities in roles that should wait for at least another year.

I would put the wrecking balls all on the same line and the talented together so they can work some plays.

I won't name names, but none of that was done.
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Re: Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

Postby hockeyfan99 on Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:25 am

I didn't see much wrong with the line combos with the players dressed. They have 7 possible players for the top 6, so it was Laser on the "4th Line" last night, but this team is just so deep up front right now.

I was a little confused with Pryce and King being scratches over Groulx and Beamish but we do not know what lead to those decisions. Could be discpline, poor practices, who knows. I think it shows just how deep this team is.

I think we will see 4 F and 1 D on both PP's as Friend cannot be on the PP, just not strong enough with the puck. With all the forward depth, I think that's the change to look for.
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Re: Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

Postby attackisback on Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:26 am

I think mr gill knows what hes doing more than a jrahockey forum poster.
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Re: Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

Postby Digger on Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:10 pm

attackisback wrote:I think mr gill knows what hes doing more than a jrahockey forum poster.

I think we have found the real Donald Trump on electric ice.

Opinions are expressed on fan forums that's what hockey fans do.

I'm willing to bet our posters stand during the anthems as well but if they chose to protest then so be it.

Maybe you should sign up to HF boards and harrass that fan base.
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Re: Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

Postby stevey on Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:58 pm

Personally I saw a team Flint that had a game under there belts with a goalie who happened to play pretty good. On the other hand the Attack had only had there full roster for a couple day's. Our timing was a bit off as is common with so many guy's coming back from pro camps. They got jumped on early and that was the difference.
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Re: Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

Postby CHL Watcher on Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:40 am

attackisback doesn't bother me.

attackisback is some sort of mascot and it bugs him when people question things, I guess. No problem.

I didn't say I knew what the coach was thinking. Or that I could do better. What I meant to say is ...and I think I did say that I don't know what the plan is. The reason I don't know is because he clearly did things I would not have done.

McGill never surprised me much. That's true. Call me selfish, but I like things to be obvious. McGill was a great coach, but he rarely surprised anyone in certain ways.

I figure Gill had a plan there, I just don't know what it was. No clue.

It's pretty obvious what I would have done. I'm not hard to figure out. The obvious...nothing special at all.

What I would have done is ensured my best line-up (not done), rewarded play in the exhibition and camps (not done), and shown the rest of the rookies how it's done (if it all works) and how a spot is earned (not done). I wouldn't rattle my own cage for effect (make it difficult on myself). I wouldn't conduct a practice scrimmage for two points (try lots of new line combos, line-ups and roles). I would be prepared (I'm assuming that part was not all his fault). I would have changed goaltenders when the shaky start happened in the first period (probably to no avail). So, some of it might have worked...some not. But, earning your spot would be a real thing on my team....not just lip service.

A player who shows you a real upside, earns everyone's respect, outscores most of the lot and then lands on the fourth line at 18-19 years old is not a sign of earning anything or rewarding play. How about Chibrikov? Pryce? King? Sorry.....but why did they bother with running a tryout/camp? Unless this was a continuation of the camp....what was it?

If they were showcasing a trade....big fail. I shouldn't speculate...I won't speculate.

I'm sure there's a plan. Shaking things up probably wasn't it.

It's only one bum shuffle. Let's see what hand is dealt next time. I'm sure there's a method to the madness and things will be fine.

As for it being the first game and the guys coming back from NHL camps being out of sync....I sure hope not....because then nobody looks good. Those were, for the most part, the best players by far.

if you don't like anything to be criticized best not to bring attention to it. Didn't help did it?

I'm not sure how the national anthem got involved. :lol: ...but I would definitely stand. I don't protest Remembrance Day, funerals, weddings, parades or any other place where etiquette and effect say otherwise. Time and a place. Respect.

The NFL dropped the ball a number of times leading to this. It is a work place. They do have rules about this type of thing. They didn't enforce them. Network TV...corporate sponsorship. No surprise. The very toughest of the world's 'post-national states' is proving difficult for the oligarchy to handle. More trouble to come.

BTW...I get offended when people cheer at the end of the anthem before it is over. I'm old school.....and also a veteran. Even veterans have varying views on it....but that's mine.

If the protest is over unfair treatment/law enforcement issues then please don't paint all people of a certain profession with the same brush. Consider it a work in progress and believe in the work of history to continue to progress to a better end. Police officers in the US, by the thousands upon thousands, are decent people trying to do their best. There will always be bad apples...always. Just make sure to deal with them individually. We have an issue with police protecting police everywhere in the world...but that's more of a union thing than anything institutionalized. Unions have their place, for sure, but they always a lawyer. That's their job. Don't let that confuse you. Cops are generally good people.

Hope I didn't offend anyone. :roll:
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Re: Game 1/68 Flint @ Attack (HOME OPENER) SAT SEPT 23, 2017

Postby cubby01 on Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:35 am

Interesting comments regarding the coaching Watcher. When Ryan McGill arrived the change in style of play was evident right away and from my eyes were way ahead of the previous systems. Seeing that the players are pretty much the same group, I am not sure why a new coach would mess with what was obviously working. McGill was also a master of giving playing time to those who were working hard and staying within the system. He called out those who stepped out of line and for the most part they responded with better play. Hopefully the new coaching staff can get everyone on the same page sooner than later. The talent is there, but talent can be wasted if it is not used properly.
As for the NFL thing, just another ring in the circus that going on south of the border.
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