Imports as goalies

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Imports as goalies

Postby CHL Watcher on Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:40 pm

Remember when this was okay?

3 imports were allowed back in the day and that included goaltenders.

I think we've seen pros and cons of the change.

Pro...North Americans get more Major Junior openings.
Con....there are simply not 60 Major Junior starting goaltenders in North America, nor 60 quality back-ups.

I've never really understood the notion of putting the brakes on a successful league. Finding expansion markets will necessitate opening the league up to more high end players.

The number of non-import imports in the league lately...and the fact the numbers are increasing, just goes to show that a black market work around can always be found regardless of 'good' intent.

There are usually about 4-6 goaltenders in the OHL that pretty much own the league. The rest just hope to hang on. Shooters are getting better and better. There were probably 3-10 guys in the league 20 years ago that could shoot with the accuracy of the top 100 in today's game. That's one reason goaltenders are required to be giants. Just look at the kids pick corners, five holes, and thread needles these days! It's crazy.
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