Dale didn't want it?

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Dale didn't want it?

Postby CHL Watcher on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:07 am

Dale DeGray has not acted like a guy with a potential championship in his sights.

He has looked like a manager standing aside for others.

1. Didn't bring in a proven goaltender when we all know others did. (must have expected McNiven back)
2. Got caught flat footed when his import wasn't available. (should have had a few options open) and....btw...Filyayev must have really stunk the place out. He's the second leading 99 on the Belarussian U20 (right now) and he still can't make the Attack....a team that hasn't won any of their last five games. Maybe he needed some adjustment time? Belarus is not that bad, nor the Attack that good.
3. Got taken to the cleaners in the Sudbury deal. (mistakenly thought they'd be better with a 'good' team)
4. Grabbed a coach in a hurry (vacation time says my wife).
5. Keeps picking up 'players' on the cheap or in exchange for a goaltender.
6. Sent the best two goaltenders away. (Vella, Propp)

Some of these things may yet turn out okay ...or not....but on the whole....
a real mess.....and a series of blows to the team that absolutely nobody thought was coming.

By not going after the right guys early he left his team weak enough that it appears now that he's trying to pry goaltenders and imports from better teams than his own. That's nearly impossible. You want DePietro or the like you have to beat them first....badly....and repeatedly. If you don't/can't.....then why on earth would they submit to you?

If he was an opposing GM he couldn't hurt them anywhere near this bad. He can't just skate through this. He has a job to do and he is not doing it.
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Re: Dale didn't want it?

Postby os ex pat on Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:27 am

I'm the first to defend DD, and trust his abilities and foresight, even when the plan hasn't been overtly clear to someone outside the team. But, honestly I'm truly left scratching my head at this time. I just can't figure out the moves (or lack thereof) for this season.

I may have to stop caring so much, it's the only way to make it palatable. I had tempered my expectations entering the season so that I wasn't too confident nor overexcited, but this is getting to be much more than I can stomach.
“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

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