Fulcher, Wells, or Dhillon?

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Fulcher, Wells, or Dhillon?

Postby CHL Watcher on Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:38 pm

If you had to go after one of these three goaltenders, who would it be, what would the likelihood be, in your opinion, that they could be acquired, and for what possible price?

They're all better than .900 on a consistent basis, all 1998 born, all between 6'2" and 6'4", all play for teams that are either not going for it or have a second good option, and all three are well experienced in this league. We don't see much of any of them, but they have the numbers on their side...

...and I must repeat this...They are NOT overage.The Attack need to leave that spot open.

I'm throwing up a pile of posts because I'm in a typetive mood today. I'll get over it. :cry:

The problem with all of these scenarios is that the time to do it was last summer or very early on. Now pretty much every team with a better goaltender is ahead of you in the standings. It's like begging them to stand aside for you. A missed opportunity.

Goaltending is everything this year....more so than ever...a season where there are not nearly enough goaltenders fit for a major junior league.

Despite what some may think, the big difference is at least four potential goaltenders are learning how to rent apartments and pay bills this season, rather than developing their hockey. /sarc

and it's time to re-open goaltending to imports. Closing it has turned out to be misguided. There has been no improvement in Canadian or American development because of it. It has only weakened the product, crushed any hope of expansion without a complete watering down of the product, and enhanced the trade deadline mania. Dumb move.
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