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Re: Goaltending

Postby hockeyhockeyhockey on Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:15 am

attackisback wrote:2 wins in 9 games doesn’t excite me at all.

In five of those , his gaa was 1.14 save % 947.

Then there was a stretch of 7 games where the team scored one or less goals five times.
Pretty hard to fault Lefrenniere in these.
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Re: Goaltending

Postby CHL Watcher on Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:48 am

He's been really good in most of his games, but not that great in a couple of them. Overall he's a definite confidence booster for me. I don't have the same sense of doom at every shot....but as has been said, our view may be skewed.

I think I agree with most people here. There will be more OAs next year than the team can handle. The four they should keep to start the season must include Hancock and Durzi.....if they even return.....but after that...and assuming they do return...we'll have to see how things go. There's an even chance it's door number three. Plenty of games left.
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Re: Goaltending

Postby stevey on Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:53 pm

This thread is going great would like more opinions. I am in know way letting DD off the hook I would like him to find a top notch tender but it is what it is. With the possibility of O/A's we have next yr could be a decent year so having the right players in the right spots could be key. I know it is rare to have 17 yr old starter but Maybe Guzda with the experiance this yearcould be that guy. If we get the right O/A's back he could handle it. My choices would be Durzi, Bourque and of course Hancock may be a longshot to get all 3 back but we can hope.
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Re: Goaltending

Postby Noofgoof on Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:55 am

Well I personally dont know if Id use an OA spot on a goalie next year but Id also like to save my judgement and see how the rest of this season goes first and also be mindfull of what may be availble when the time comes. As far as this season Ollie has been fantastic you cant ask for much more from a trade that sent an 8th round pick. His numbers have been improving Steadily and although he hasnt had much luck in the win department yet remember he didnt have the best team infront of him at the start and lost alot of the games due to lack of offense and not because of how he played. The team is much more confident with him in net and I feel like he is getting the shot he deserved at the start of the year with Ottawa now. He is now just shy of that .900 save percentage in his time here in OS and that is what we were all looking for. His GAA has been a very respectable 2.55 while here and I hardly compare any of that to Bowman blowman who couldnt stop a beach ball.. yes his previous stats before his time in OS are similar but he seems to fit in much better and seems also to be a good mentor for young Guzda. He is a very humble guy and seems happy to be here in the sound and did i mention he seems to play the puck well which is a bonus. The team has started to right the ship which I personally felt it would and it wouldn’t surprise me to end up between 5-7th... 4th is a bit of a stretch. But maybe theres a very SLIM shot at it. Id be shocked. Alot has to go right for us and alot wrong for others in order to happen. Overall I like Ollie and what he brings for this years team I just hope he can stay healthy and help us go on the magical playoff run we all expected not so long ago.
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Re: Goaltending

Postby hockeyfan99 on Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:56 pm

Way too early to start talking about goaltending plans for 2018/2019. Guzda will be here and that's the only thing I would lock in stone. The potential OA crop for the Attack could be the best we have seen next season and Guzda should be prepared for a bigger workload.

Ollie has been a nice surprise, and definitely looks composed out there. The biggest difference I have noticed is that the team has really tightened up with turnovers and pinches, I think this has also led to lower scoring numbers but it's the price you pay.
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Re: Goaltending

Postby CHL Watcher on Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:08 pm

I hope we're done with the five forwards on the PP experiment......big bust. I can't see how it's ever a good idea....even short-handed on the bench. If there's even one defenseman on the bench with five forwards out....then somebody screwed up. I'd rather see Lyle, Cameron, and even young Chibrikov (certainly!)....anyone out there from the D.

Ollie may be a long shot for next year.....and I don't necessarily like the idea of an OA goalie....but wait for the numbers to shake out....both Olie's numbers and also the number and quality of returning OAs will make decisions easier. That word....decisions. Terrified now.

I have some doubts about Hancock returning....and Durzi may go as well. Both are good enough to move on. I'd say it's 50/50 because it's tough to get into other peoples' heads. Durzi...if he's drafted may be more likely to return due to having far fewer options than Hancock, who can probably pick and choose.
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