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Re: Next Year

Postby Overager on Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:41 pm

Eagle vision- It is indeed nice to see someone give a serious look at the team and a thoughtful counter to my post.I did drop London's present overagers from my calculations and I selected three players from their present group of 97s to return as overagers, as I did with the rangers.I agree that our hope lies with our present group of 99s and 2000s but based on past performance I 'm skeptical about their development.Also, our cupboard is almost bare when it comes to next year's overagers. I would love to think that the Rangers will be returning ,in terms of talent, the likes of Carbonara,Miletic,Stephens,Crawley,Sompel, or maybe Parsons (from whom the Knights will select three) and possibly trade the others.We definitely are not in that league. We have Henderson,Blaisdell,Burns,and Opilka from which to choose.with the odd man out available to trade.I wouldn't even want to speculate on our return for any of these overagers.MH does lack experience but,that being the case, don't the Rangers have the resources to hire a good, experienced GM ?
Anyway, I,like so many others, will sit, wait, and wish for better times.It does hurt to see one of the leagues smallest market teams jump far ahead of us. Regards
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Re: Next Year

Postby Otto on Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:32 pm

I've always found that using "returning points" as a barometer for how a team will do next season is a simplistic approach. I'd like to see the data that supports "returning points" as a predictor of success.
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Re: Next Year

Postby Eagle Vision on Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:02 pm

Overager wrote:Eagle vision- Are you Joining the "Get OveragerClub?"

Overager, since a growing number of threads go off-topic, I'll indulge and go wildly off-topic.

Do you remember the movie "Cool Runnings" with John Candy and the Jamaican Bobsled team??

They made a Bobsled team and the leader, and driver and the glue that held the team together was a character named: Derice Bannock. He was the smartest, and the best on the team.

He studied twice as much as everyone else on the team combined. He worked twice as hard and everyone else on the team combined.

But in the end there was a point where the remaining three players on the team got sick of him. They got sick of him because of his obsession with the Swiss. The Swiss are so talented, the Swiss are so great. We need to emulate everything about the Swiss . . . When the team came together (keep in mind that yes this is a fictionalized movie) is when they decided to forge their own identity as Jamaicans.

I want the success that the Knights enjoy, but I want it Rangers' style. I don't want to watch BIenkowski, or Hiebert or anyone else ban Mike Farwell from broadcasting because he decides to call a spade a spade once in a while.

Personally, i'm sick and tired about hearing about the Swiss, yes you have to beat them if you want the gold, but let's focus on us instead of them.
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Re: Next Year

Postby Overager on Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:15 am

Vision- I understand your point and accept your thought process. However, wishing won't make us compete with the Knights. We have to draft better and develop better.We need better talent on the ice. That's what London does better than any team in the league. We were there once but, sadly,based on our record and on ice performance for the last four to six years, we have fallen badly.We always had top European players. This year we have one(not two) who is a utility player ,at best. For what ever reason those in charge of drafting and developing have failed to produce.Our second pick this year (I believe he was second ) suddenly decided he didn't want to play for the Rangers. A ,apparently, talented player gone. I hope he doesn't end up you know where.
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