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Vs. London

Postby JEF on Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:38 am

Fast and good start. They stopped their trend of getting scored against early.

Hustle. They skated and battled hard. They used their team speed well.

Team play from most players. Not as much individual effort. Good passing and got lots of shots on net.

Disappointed in Elijah Roberts who held on to the puck way too long in the London zone, didn't pass and winds ups getting the puck taken off his stick. He had multiple options to pass. If only Hall and Blaisdell could play.

London is pretty much an all star team with the talent they have. It just over took the Rangers. They killed off a long 5 on 3 in the 3rd and that ended the Rangers' chances. I wondered why McKee didn't pull Opilka and make it 6 on 3. Sure would have put more pressure on the Knights and made it very interesting.

Unwise play by Hora led to the last empty netter. He stopped a puck with a high stick that would have just gone in to the Rangers zone. The puck went right to Formenton who quickly made it 5-2.

Overall I liked the game but had to wonder where the effort and spark they showed in this was in their previous 4 game losing streak and against Niagara. If they can play with that heart and desire they have a much better chance of winning games or at least making them close.
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Re: Vs. London

Postby Taychuck on Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:52 pm

The score was not for the most part indicative of the overall play and game.

I'm not sure why we even kept Opilka out for the 2nd EN goal. Makes the score look like we were dominated and really, we weren't. It makes me wonder though how we played a decent game against a really, really good team but yet we can't get motivated for cellar dwellers.....frustrating. Hora's play was a moot point on the 2nd EN goal; it was long over with 2.8 seconds left and if we can't score on a 1.15 2 man advantage, we're not going to score 2 goals one man up and our net empty...we're not that good.

While Garreffa was a presence, others weren't. I really, really, really and I mean really struggle to believe that Mascherin is going to make the NHL. He is far too lazy and he too can take credit on not trying to hustle like he did on Tuesday when he was on the offense and back check which resulted in a goal. His little reaching in with his stick has worn thin. Skate and pretend you're on offence when you should be playing defense and maybe you'll be NHL material. He seems to have gone back to being offense focused only and defense be damned.

So we have an NHL drafted goalie in Opilka who has struggled this season (which I do give him a break on getting back into shape when he returned from surgery) and suffered from confidence that has 40 shots and isn't worthy of a star against a potent team to boost his psyche....if that had been an opposing goalie getting 40 shots and the loss would they have been a star? Probably. Opilka IMO gave us a chance and couldn't be faulted for any of the goals.

I'm disappointed that our season ticket prices went up....they should be paying us to keep them. There was discussion on the pre-game with Mike & Mike and Torchia said Rangers fans have to be patient....I think we have been. I do see an upside in some ways but there are far too many things that aren't positive. When Josh Brown's article quotes Rangers saying that London's passes are on point I have a big problem....that is fundamentals and if you don't know it by Jr. A then maybe you need to go back to Peewee.
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Re: Vs. London

Postby Overager on Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:24 pm

Following the game Garraffa said that "in a year or two the Rangers will have a team similar to Londons. The Knights are a contending team EVERY YEAR ! As far as our hockey is concerned the Rangers ,year after year, are nothing more than a middle of the pack team and as much as some posters like to talk about "our young talent" I would trade our entire team for Londons,in a heartbeat.They have players ready to return next year as overagers that we can only dream about , and those they don't keep (as overagers) they can trade for younger talent.Our top scoring potential overager is Henderson and he isn't even on a pace to have ten goals!Our overage candidates wouldn't even see ice time on next years contending teams! Thomas, a 99 birthdate has 14 goals and 32 assists for 46 points. Jones, a 98 birthdate has 14 g and 17 a in only26 games.Kuokkanen, another 98 birthdate has 20 g and 33a for 53 points.Mete, a 98 birthdate, has 32 points in 36 games AS A DEFENCEMAN.Formenten,a 99 has 12g,16 a for 28 points and gets spot duty.Bouchard, a 99 dman at 6'2 has 7g 22a ; more than Henderson! I could go on but when I look at it , it is depressing.We are not an elite organization as we once were.We make and give away, to charity, a lot of money but we don't have a top end team. Please don't post something ,in reply, to suggest that I stop attending Ranger games if I don't like them. These stats tell us where we are and what we can look forward to.
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