Vs. London Mar 3

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Vs. London Mar 3

Postby JEF on Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:14 am

The Knights were the Knights. No lead is safe against them. A few weeks ago in Owen Sound they trailed the Attack 6-3 going into the 3rd. They tied it in the 3rd and won it in a shoot-out.

Did the Knights deserve to win this game? Yes. Did they get some help shifting the momentum in their favour? Yes.

There was a huge delay by the refs after Llewellyn made it 4-0. They were on the phone to video review for a long time on what clearly was a good goal

The high sticking call on Hora late in the 2nd was a joke. The replay clearly showed the London player throwing his head back and no stick anywhere near his face. They score with 0.03 seconds left in the period.

2 non calls on pretty obvious London penalties, then a questionable holding penalty to Damiani and London makes it 4-3.

Those things helped the Knights.

I wish McKee had called a time out after the 3rd London goal. The Knights scored about 2 minutes before that. Calm the boys down, cool London off a bit, refocus. Unfortunately he didn't and they scored again 6 seconds later.

A bad clearing attempt late in the 3rd is kept in and the Knights win it in the last minute. I felt bad for Luke Richardson.

There has to be a way to keep the lead when you are up 4-0. Yes the Rangers are younger than the Knights. Meireles, Vallati, Damiani, Guest, Seitz. Schiemenz and Peterson are all in their first OHL season, but there are veterans who need to lead. In my opinion Llewellyn is the only one with a letter who truly leads. On the CTV interview Hora looked and sounded lost. He's got to lead by example.

I credit the Knights. They have a reputation for being able to comeback. During the intermission almost everyone I spoke with was thinking the Knights would probably come back. They can get in the heads of the teams they are playing. They can take their level of play up a few levels and overcome the other team's lead. They do this against all teams, not just the Rangers.

There are things in a game you can't control, but the things you can, you've got to. Playing London demands a mental toughness, emotional control and a game long, strong and consistent focus and effort. Last night the Rangers didn't control what they could.
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Re: Vs. London Mar 3

Postby Overager on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:28 am

Brown's piece today suggested that a series with London would go seven games.Is he being realistic or speaking from his heart (as poster Number 65 does) and wanting to see a close series.During the first two periods we were not seeing the true Knights. During the third period they skated through the Rangers at will.I wish it was reversed but, sadly, it isn't and that isn't going to change anytime soon.We have few options for overagers next year and London can select three from their seven players going overage, and any three of the seven will be head and shoulders better than our three. London will then trade the overage candidates they don't want for promising young players and the cycle will continue.They will,again, be contenders and the Rangers will struggle to make the playoffs. Some supporters will argue that the Rangers are young. So are other teams!Young doesn't win games. Talent wins! London has 13 players with 30 or more points.We have SEVEN! The Rangers need a complete overhaul with a good experienced GM in charge and a better scouting staff.I don't really blame the coaches.They can't perform miracles.
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Re: Vs. London Mar 3

Postby Medway Bear on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:40 am

Wasn't all bad, last night. Yes a win over the Knights would have been good, but there were some positives. Flint, Mississauga and Kingston all won, couple that together with Kitchener's nasty final 6 games where they could go 0-6, 1-5 or 2-4 then the Rangers could end up with a pick in the top half of the draft. It is unlikely the Rangers will win a first round playoff series against the Knights, Owen Sound or Erie. May be slightly better chance against The Soo or Windsor but not much, so does it really matter they finish and who they play in the first rounds? Still as Rangers fans we can hope.
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