Vs. Soo March 5

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Vs. Soo March 5

Postby JEF on Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:40 am

Another game where the Rangers stayed with a top team for most of the game. Second game in a row lost in the late part of the 3rd. I thought Luke Richardson should have been third star of the game over Cole Carter. For a 17 year old he's sure played well against some of the top teams.

Soo's goalie Villalta was spectacular and was a difference maker in that game.

I thought the effort was there for the Rangers, but the talent level for Soo, especially their top talent of Sensyshin, Speers and Gettinger is greater than ours for now. Hall and Hora are missed. They would cut down extra minutes DiPerna and Hora have had, but the bright side is Vallati has gotten extra time and he's responded well to that. He's developing very well and his future is bright.

Leadership again remains an issue. We need a veteran player who can and will carry the team on their back and lead by example. I wish Darby had the C.
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Re: Vs. Soo March 5

Postby CHL Watcher on Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:57 pm

Richardson's clutch save with the stick should be the play of the week in the OHL. Hands down. Best....most miraculous save I've seen in a long while. Beauty. Looks like a solid netminder to me. Bummer....he almost had that glove hand save....so close.

As for Villalta....

I have been shaking my melon about the Soo infatuation with Raymaakers for a long, long while. Villalta is head and shoulders above Raymaakers. I'm sorry you guys drew the short straw, so to speak. You would have beaten Raymaakers in that game...by at least a pair.

If Villalta had been the Soo go to goalie this race wouldn't even be close. They would have buried everyone by now. If the coach up there has finally clued-in then the rest of the big five, so to speak, may have a big problem on their hands. Why do I think he won't learn a thing? The competition has been handed soooo many free passes by the Soo that it's gotten rather awkward to watch. The difference between Raymaakers and Villalta is huge.

Sorry if this causes me to be banned from your site, but Opilka's situation is much like Raymaakers.......
Your pushing a square peg into a round hole there.
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Re: Vs. Soo March 5

Postby JEF on Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:51 am

You're right Watcher

Villalta 22-2. 2.51. 0.913

Raaymakers 21-13. 3.40. 0.889

And yes the Richardson stick save was one to remember and should be on the Jane's Saves Of The Week video.
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