Vs. Erie March 17

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Vs. Erie March 17

Postby JEF on Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:09 am

This was a game where the Rangers were able to keep an explosive Erie team in check for most of it.

The Rangers played a strong defensive game where their goal was mainly to prevent Erie from scoring goals. This resulted in them only getting 15 shots on net. Erie got 30, but the Rangers held Erie to just 5 in the 3rd. Not the most exciting game, but they way they have to play to have a chance to beat Erie. The Otters have so many goal scorers and so many World Junior players. They are a talented team.

Fantastic effort to get the game tied on Bunnaman's goal, which was his 37th of the season and 21 more than he scored last season.

Alex Debrincat showed why he has 64 goals when he scored the winner in OT.

I wanted a win, but when you stay in a game with Erie and lose in OT on a goal scorer's goal, it's easier to accept a loss.

I hope Mascherin can get a point tonight in Owen Sound to reach 100
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Re: Vs. Erie March 17

Postby Overager on Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:58 am

JEF- Yes, the Rangers kept it close but the final score was not in the least indicative of the game.Most of the time we were simply trying to get the puck out of our end. We would flip it out into the air and Erie would get it and carry it back in.Would I have liked to see the Rangers win ? Definitely! The truth is that we were really not in the game.The actual play showed how far we have to go to be considered in the same class as Erie,London, Soo, Owen sound, Windsor. And that's how it has been for the past 8-10 years. Some will say we are young but so are some other teams in the league. Guaranteed, London will be competitive again next year. So will the Soo , Owen Sound, Mississauga, Oshawa, to name a few.The Rangers will again be middle of the pack. A huge part of a contending team is the quality of their overagers and we have zilch from which to choose.Erie, for example,have ten players going overage and can bring back three ,all with far better stats than our candidates (Henderson with his 6 goals) or Blaisdell who hasn't played this year, or Opilka with a goals against avg. in the bottom third of the leagues goalies. When criticizing me for this post first look at the player's stats and don't make your prognosis based on your heart and not your head.A number of posters did this last year when they were debating whether the Rangers should "go for it last year or wait until this year." This year is almost history and I don't think the Rangers were ever in a position to "go for it."And, we will not be in contention next year either.
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Re: Vs. Erie March 17

Postby Toadman on Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:01 pm

The actual play showed how far we have to go to be considered in the same class as Erie,London, Soo, Owen Sound, Windsor. And that's how it has been for the past 8-10 years.

Didn't we win the O nine years ago & play in the MemCup finale? I don't even remember Erie/London/Soo/OS/Windsor being in 'strong' contention that year. A couple years later we beat London and were the last team to beat Windsor that year while the others you mention were non-contenders. I get your point but strive for some accuracy when ranting :roll:

We played a talent-laden Erie team well yesterday and were a shot or save away from a major upset. Erie couldn't put us away and we arguably played at least even in the 3rd.
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Re: Vs. Erie March 17

Postby kitfan on Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:08 pm

Ah Mr. Negative strikes again. I came off my self imposed ban during my 3 week vacation in the Philippines to see how the Rangers were doing since I had no way to watch the games. And each and every time there is Overager with his negative comments no matter if the Rangers win or lose. Even on posts where everyone was posting positive along comes Mr. Negative to put his blip on the post. I have said it before and will say it again even if the Rangers went through the whole season without a lose and win the Memorial Cup there would be something in every game Overager would have something negative to say. I can't remember the last time I saw anything positive from him. I have also asked many times Overager if you ever even played the game but you never answered that so guessing you have not played so you would not know how fast things happen during a game. If you have nothing good to say don't bother to say anything. So I will say no more on this topic and go back to my self imposed ban from here.

As for the Rangers season I think they have done very well for a young team. They have played well against teams with lots of fire power. They have been short 2 players on the back end most of the season. They lost some good players through trades so hope the picks will help this team down the road. There is a lot of positives for this team this year. Good luck to the Rangers in the playoffs.
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Re: Vs. Erie March 17

Postby Overager on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:45 pm

kitfan, Yes, they have certainly done well. Completely outplayed and lose in overtime. But they were completely outplayed and lost. Do you get it? If I remember correctly you were one of the posters last year who wasn't sure if the Rangers should have gone for it last year or wait until this year which looked like it "would be our year." We probably missed Magyar! The top teams handle us like boys playing against men. And you think they have done well.Do you have any insight into next year's overage situation? I might be missing something.
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