Thread to comment on negative posters

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Thread to comment on negative posters

Postby LetsGoRangers on Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:25 pm

Hi Ranger Fans. I am not a moderator of this site but I think we have an opportunity to self moderate ourselves.

The Rangers are off to a great start this year and if nothing else, we will again have a team that will be exciting to watch. Hopefully this site will get back to what is was when so many of us looked forward to reading it particularly posts from people like EagleVision and LoneRanger. Like previous years, there are posters that simply complain - nothing is good enough. Responding to them, simply results in a tread becoming a p---ing match taking any value away from the thread. I have ideas for this year that might help make this site fun to read again.

On any thread:

1) Do not respond to the negative thread of posters known to never have anything to say but complain, or
2) If you feel it necessary to comment of the poster's negativity, add you comment to this tread instead.

Doing either of these will allow other threads to remain what they once were.

Lets Go Rangers
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