Lost weekend . . . . . .

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Lost weekend . . . . . .

Postby Eagle Vision on Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:47 am

Aside from the frustrations of yet another loss to the Knights. The Rangers squad as a whole looked disinterested.

I remember last season losing to the Attack 5-2, and 3-0 on home ice. Thoroughly outclassed on the ice, the team looked frustrated but ready and willing to capitalize if the Attack slipped up or let up. They played with effort.

It was interesting seeing Jaromir Jagr on after hours. Good and bad about playing in Canada. He said, and I'm paraphrasing: You can't lie to the fans. You can give a poor effort and say that you had a good game. They're smart. They won't believe you.

At one point on Friday night, the puck dropped and a disillusioned Logan Stanley looked at the official. But I'm still tucking my pants in. Then the Knights scored . . . . .again.

Then after being thoroughly outskated and outplayed. We got to hear Jay McKee comment that execution was the primary issue. There was no compete, you lost the puck and you pouted. You turned over the puck and smashed your stick.

McKee was right about only one thing during the post-game interview. The Rangers who two distinctly different power play units. One that doesn't score and another that gives up shorthand breakaway after shorthanded breakaway and also doesn't score.

The optimist in me is hoping that this is just a blip on the radar and that adjustments with personel and coaching are simply filtering through the team. I'm hoping that I'm venting about one terribly frustrating weekend to watch this team. I know that many look at Richardson, and put some blame on him, but you don't win many games when you only score one goal.
Tom Conaway circa 2000 - "At times goals were harder to come by than teachers at a Mike Harris pep rally."

Updates: Final Exhibition stats posted, game summary for Sep 14th game in Barrie
Eagle Vision
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Re: Lost weekend . . . . . .

Postby Deener on Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:51 pm

I think fans have every right to be frustrated after this weekend's games (Friday in particular). It is important to remember though that it was a two game stretch after a fairly impressive weekend.

The team has looked a bit lost offensively out of the gate this year but I think most people would agree that sooner or later, Mascherin, Bunnaman, Sherwood, and Garreffa will begin finding the back of the net a little more regularly. Those four in particular are too talented to keep producing at the pace that they have been.

After the top 4 there is obviously a significant drop off in skill, but I think believing this team will be in the bottom of the league in scoring is an over-reaction at this stage.
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Re: Lost weekend . . . . . .

Postby Overager on Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:14 pm

Deener-I don't think that anyone said that "this team will be at the bottom of the league in scoring." However, to be realistic, this team ,as presently constituted, is not a contender.We have far too many players with limited upside. Henderson,McHugh, Carter, Hugg, liska,Gentles,Guest and others are Magyar like;they have limited upside.They are also not players for which other teams will give you a top line player in return.Sure we can trade draft picks but that's going to empty the cupboard again.
I have no idea how to correct it in the short term. We have simply not drafted and attracted top line players.Many rave about M.H."restocking"the cupboard but they fail to point out that ,at the same time,he built a mediocre hockey team.With a contender the fans would be lined up for tickets.
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Re: Lost weekend . . . . . .

Postby Taychuck on Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:52 pm

Overage, you will never get me to agree with you on Gentles not having an upside....he's a steady, stay at home defenceman who has some grit and isn't afraid to hit guys, usually cleanly and not coming out with a penalty on the hit. I can't say that for every other d-man on our team.

I think it's also unfair to be critical of Hugg or Liska. They are only a month into the season and are imports. Maybe after Christmas we can criticize them but until they adapt to the O, we have to cut them some slack.

Often Henderson is assessed for only his scoring when he is probably our biggest shot blocker and best penalty killer. Yes, at times he may be invisible but I'm quite happy with what he's done this year.

My concern is the lack of "interest" from some of our players. I'm not naming names but I don't think we've got what we should have so far from some of them.

Lastly, I worry about a team who gave up a huge number of short-handed goals last year and have continued with the same pattern this year. I was also hoping for more accountability for everyone that screws up, including the big guys. Finally Hall was benched for some questionable play...he's not the only one that should be though. And finally, giving up goals early in a period or near the end of a period. You've got to come out and play and it pees me off when this team can't or won't get pumped up to play their nemesis' Guelph & London....this isn't new, it's just the status quo.
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