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Re: Ranger scoring

Postby Toadman on Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:43 pm

LR -> I said on draft day that Ladd was a terrible pick and overall i wasn't impressed with McKenzie's draft
We seem to have trouble getting import players that can be impact players
Why does this team have trouble signing players?...something is obviously wrong
A draft philosophy of picking players who will play 4/5 years instead of just picking the best player available is ridiculous
How about drafting some size instead of a team full of guys under 6' ... etc

Agreed ... perhaps we should have drafted Vukojevic in the first round and flipped his rights for big gains + received a compensatory 1st round pick next year so our new 'top-shelf' GM & coach could select and sign two of the absolute biggest & best available prospects as we start building towards a cup run with a truly entertaining season in honour of Steve B's retirement :lol: Please Santa :!:

I'm all for taking the best available player in the 1st round though there is a dilemma depending on team needs and where you happen to be in the contention cycle if you're looking at a Mascherin for 4+ seasons or Chychrun for 2 seasons scenario.
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Re: Ranger scoring

Postby Overager on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:06 pm

Toadman- It's interesting that when LR posted essentially the same points that I have been making you agreed with him (Lone Ranger.) However, when i previously made these observations you and others disagreed with me and, because I had no hockey playing experience, I really didn't know what I was talking about.What I determine from this is that you really didn't disagree with what i was posting, you simply don't like me and, consequently ,anything I post must be wrong, in your opinion. If you really disagreed with what I had to say then you must have disagreed with LR. I guess you change your mind depending on who is making the post.This tells me a lot about you!
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Re: Ranger scoring

Postby Toadman on Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:33 pm

Overager wrote:Toadman ... you simply don't like me

No & previously I even stated the contrary: (Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:12 pm) "I’m OK with Overager. We obviously disagree a fair bit of the time and his apparent predisposition to pointing out the downside of any team stats occasionally becomes rather tedious."

Most recently I disagreed with your assessment of Magyar as being a poor Jr. B level player which was obviously inaccurate and backed that up by pointing out his various achievements. Can't say I agree with LR all the time either and generally don't think I flip-flop unless some action happens to change my initial assessment. My preference is to be optimistic and the give the benefit of the doubt as long as possible but not blindly.

I suspect there's little disparity in our assessment of Steve B and Murray H and perhaps much of the coaching talent we've had since 2008. Currently, I'd only keep Andreas Karlsson on of the whole lot if I were handed the team though I would not bet against Mike McKenzie eventually becoming an outstanding GM down the road. I may well have stronger credentials than most here specifically with respect to the draft and recruiting but am not a Ranger insider and I played so long ago that it really was a totally different game.
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