Rangers-Windsor Home and away

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Rangers-Windsor Home and away

Postby Overager on Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:29 pm

The Rangers did get 3 out of 4 points and,for this, I'm happy. A few observations.
Mascherin looked better Saturday although he has a tendency toward individualism.He should make better use of his linemates.
Windsor's top players are as good or better than ours. When they get Bracco back from the Marlies they will have to release or trade one of their overagers but that will be a win-win for Windsor.Not a bad team when one considers that they won the M-Cup last year. Goaltending remains our weak spot where Richardson ,in my opinion,is not a strong position.As LR mentioned recently, our drafting is suspect with little production from relatively high picks.As I previously mentioned, MacKenzie has to revamp our scouting staff.Tuesday night will be a challenge for the Rangers with London's top five or six getting a lot of ice time which is Hunter's style.
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Re: Rangers-Windsor Home and away

Postby Toadman on Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:07 am

OA -> Tuesday night will be a challenge for the Rangers with London's top five or six getting a lot of ice time which is Hunter's style.

The Rangers overcame the challenge of a strong Knights top six, a full-on chirp & goad effort from 2 of the best, some very effective penalty drawing and generally inept officiating for the first couple periods and managed to pull out a win. Funny to watch the 'usual suspects' in the stands behind the Knights' bench heckling the refs and waving cash in the air when the Knights were almost continuously on the PP :roll:

Sherwood, Mascherin, Richardson and the PK get full marks. A good effort and hopefully something that we can build off for this weekend and beyond.
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Re: Rangers-Windsor Home and away

Postby memcup on Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:26 pm

Great game played by all last night. Especially Hall & Richardson. Richardson controlled rebounds and covered up pucks better than he ever has. Hall logged a ton of minutes while having to put up with being attacked verbally and physically all night by Carbonara.

The atmosphere last night is something that's been absent for some time. The "usual suspects" are what used to make the Aud a tough place to play in.
I'm not sure what was funny, the inept officials dropping the puck without fixing the net or Pu gesturing "show me the money."

Definitely the worst game Faist has ever reffed. I expect missed calls by Lewis but not Faist. Refs haven't really been bad this year in my opinion but last night......
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