The easily stoppable force vs. the moveable object . . . .

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The easily stoppable force vs. the moveable object . . . .

Postby Eagle Vision on Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:48 pm

Guelph puts their 13-game losing streak up against the Wolves 17-game losing streak (I'd say winless, they are gaining points, but they are losing all of those games).

I expect nothing less than the best from both of these combatants this afternoon. I'm not saying this mockingly, I'm actually looking forward to seeing this game. When you're struggling you start to circle the winable dates on the calendar. I'm sure that both clubs were hoping that it never went this far, but now that it has. This is a MUST WIN situation.
Tom Conaway circa 2000 - "At times goals were harder to come by than teachers at a Mike Harris pep rally."

Updates: Final Exhibition stats posted, game summary for Sep 14th game in Barrie
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