Game #7 London @ Erie Tues. Apr. 18th. 7:00pm.

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Re: Game #7 London @ Erie Tues. Apr. 18th. 7:00pm.

Postby KnightHawk on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:18 pm

Well said, CHL Watcher.

CHL Watcher wrote:Those T-shirts.....are you kidding me?

Yeah....BEAT LONDON. Highly original. :roll:

The chants...

I was going to start something similar for our home games. However, they didn't play "Sweet Caroline". Darn.

The throat slashing.

Yeah...THAT really bothered me.

From what I gather, the TV feed what we see is the same as what is on the 'jumbotron'. If the operators of the jumbotron had ANY shred of dignity, they would have cut away from the 'fans' doing that.

Did they do that in the first round series against Sarnia? They may have...but I don't know that for sure as I had no vested interest in watching the game.

Perhaps I may check out a game online to see if they do the same thing against Owen Sound. They may/may not, but it would be worth the $9.00 to find out! :P

Knights = $109.00
Voltigeurs = $53.00
Side Bets = $11.00
GRAND TOTAL (as at after games on February 17th) = $173.00
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Re: Game #7 London @ Erie Tues. Apr. 18th. 7:00pm.

Postby CHL Watcher on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:08 pm

Official looking fan T-Shirts with "London Sucks" on the back of them.

The chant was not terribly classy. <<understatement.

It reminds me of OHL crowds 25-30 years ago......when goonery in and out of the stands was way more common and almost expected.

It was like a Slap Shot out-take. Plenty of scenes could have been edited into that movie without any retouch.

The good old days.....when hired goons chased players around the ice.....when fans hurled nasty words from the stands.....players attacked each other with sticks on the benches....coaches smuggled players across borders...fights occurred in the hallways after games, including players, fans and what have you. When teams employed 'body guards' because fans could not separate the in-game stuff from reality.....when call-ups were regularly used to injure star players.....and when a lack of video replay and a single ref allowed every team to have at least one expert professional wrestling.

The good old days. <<<Hardly.
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