The Case For Selling Off Early

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The Case For Selling Off Early

Postby kjh on Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:53 am

There are seasons when the Knights are legitimate contenders, and also seasons when they're not only contenders, but also favorites to win a championship. I think we can all agree that this season is not either of the above. In seasons past, management has usually sold off assets and stockpiled higher picks for future use, when faced with such a scenario. That strategy has served the team well, and has kept this franchise at the forefront in terms of consistant excellence.

This season is a little different, in that 2 competitors ( Erie & Windsor ) are looking to take a page out of the Knight's strategy playbook, and conduct their own version of a sell-off. However, there's a catch: There are a LIMITED number of potential buyers, with a limited stockpile of assets that they are comfortable in trading away to address their own team shortcomings or weaknesses. Now Erie & Windsor have blown their cupboards bare last season, and it's become a NECESSITY for them to recoup picks and/or prospects if they're hoping to become anywhere near competitive in the near future. That said, a case can be made for the Knights to conduct their own sell-off early, rather than later on.

If the Knights scoop up most of the available trading chips from those teams looking to buy, what does that leave for Windsor or Erie ? Both of the Spits and Otters will basically be left with the scraps, and either have to sell-off their assets at a less-than-favourable return, or hold onto them, and get no returns whatsoever. That'll be like Windsor having to compete with 5 more years of self-imposed sanctions, and relegate them to the lower echelons of the league for a good long while. For Erie, it will be like a repeat of their decade of exile that they suffered through just prior to their 3 50+ win seasons. Both franchises will be operating at a disadvantage in acquiring talent via the Entry Draft.

An early sell-off not only secures future assets for the team, but also has the potential to significantly weaken a couple of opponents for a good long while.
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Re: The Case For Selling Off Early

Postby jfacowns on Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:49 am

In full agreement with an early sell off, to an extent. This team is not as bad as their record indicates. I think we all know that. These last two home games have been perhaps the unluckiest stretch of hockey I've ever seen with bounces going the other way, guys hitting the post, opponents catching breaks, fluky goals, and so on. There are some guys that should be moved ASAP but i'd want to hang onto some others to keep the playoff hopes alive. Management will surely want to extend their playoff streak and avoid being the laughing stock of the league for even one year. I wouldn't hate it if they sold Pu, Miletic, and the rights to Mete, Bratt. Formenton could be back next year despite a pretty good showing in Ottawa this year. Could just become a victim of the NHL/CHL agreement and the numbers game. If the return was right i'd move him too. One guy i would want to hang onto is Jones though. I'm not sure the return will be there for a guy who has a reputation of being a loose cannon and quite frankly, he's a good role model for the younger guys in terms of hustle alone. Call him what you will, criticize him all you want, but the one thing this guy never, ever does, is take a shift off. If this team can make it into the playoffs despite this miserable start, he's a guy who can make some noise all by himself.
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Re: The Case For Selling Off Early

Postby Eagle Vision on Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:50 am

The Knights and Rangers when unloading have traditionally kept their star players out of conference or at least division.

If you look no further than the East Division you have about 5 competitive teams. The Petes are for real again. Hamilton is expected to take a step forward, as is Kingston. Ottawa has improved and if you look in the basement, you find the Generals who are picked by many to win the division they loaded up to attempt to host this year's Memorial Cup.

Barrie is off to an awesome start, big things are expected from the IceDogs and then you have the Steelheads, whom are returning many key pieces from last year's team and seemed to be consensus Eastern Conference favourites out the gate. Cogeco roundtable (specifically Doyle) stated that this may be the one season where the East is more powerful than the west.

I've named about 6 or 7 Eastern Conference teams that should be competitive. None of those teams is ready to start mortgaging the future yet, or maybe just one or two. There will be a drop off from that list. Ottawa and Niagara should still be a year away. That still leaves a solid 4-5 competitors on the opposite side of the ledger who will be willing to be in some kind of arms battle. Last season it was Mississauga and Peterborough. Now's not the time to make deals in my opinion.
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