Username Changes / Updates - December food drive . . . .

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Username Changes / Updates - December food drive . . . .

Postby JraNameChanges on Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:45 am


I'm Eagle Vision, site administrator, just added another account so that my PM's can stay under control.

We've had a number of requests for user name changes, it's something that I would like to discourage and encourage here. Obviously it's confusing when people's names change. But often some names like "TerryMercuryRules" seem to lose their meaning, etc as time goes on. For those who haven't noticed you can have spaces in your names, you do not need underscores. Some people just want a fresh start, or a more relevant name.


1.) I'm asking that you commit to a donation to the food bank there are drop off points everywhere. Please pledge a minimal of two pieces, packages, or canned food. I'm putting in the effort to change everyone's names, it's something that in my opinion is not required, and I just want a little something back.

2.) PM me (this address - NOT Eagle Vision) and in that e-mail state:
-Your new username
-An e-mail address that I can contact you at to let you know that the change has taken place (does NOT have to match your address that you signed up with)
-How many pieces of non-perishable food that you will be donating (I'm asking for a minimum of two), times are really tough for some out there so please do not hesitate to donate more.

If you like your username fine and still want to donate (I am NOT) taking these food donations, you are pledging them, there are food drive boxes everywhere at this time of year.

I will also be making a list with the usernames of the donors and a final tally of how many are pledged (I will not be listing the donation numbers by specific individuals) I will also be posting the name changes in the same chart. Obviously you don't have to change your name to pledge food.

This will be open throughout the month of December, these name changes will be closed afterwards. Hopefully it will become a tradition like Teddy Bear night.

If there are any questions, this thread is where to post them, or PM to the Jranamechanges address.

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Re: Username Changes / Updates - December food drive . . . .

Postby JraNameChanges on Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:42 pm

Just a quick update:

4 pledges thus far:

The Storm Forum
Attack fan
Eagle VIsion

For a total of 42 cans/boxes/etc of food.

Thanks for the generousity people.
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